Lower Terrace Boardwalk Map

This hike starts from the next parking area south of Liberty Cap. Cavern Terrace had an active spring into the 1970s, but recently showed the crumbling, dark gray of eroding deposits. The boardwalk passes a large collapse feature where the travertine has caved in. At the top of a long flight of stairs, the large fissure ridge deposit called Mound Terrace appears above and to the left of the boardwalk intersection. Holes and crevices in the side of Mound Terrace’s white travertine may remind you of faces and other images. Turning right at this junction eventually leads you past Cleopatra Terrace up many steps to New Blue Springs. But it’s easier to reach this spot and its outstanding view from the Main Terrace overlook on Upper Terrace Drive (see 269). Turning left (south) above Minerva Spring instead takes you under the site of Naiad Spring, whose activity mainly formed Mound Terrace. Naiads were the water spirits of classical mythology, who were known to weep copiously. The last terrace to the south is huge Jupiter Terrace.

Two large hot pools at the top of Jupiter used to discharge water here. Early tour guides always pointed out Pulpit Terrace, where stalactites had grown almost together around the edges ofa semicircular pool into a pulpit-shaped formation. This feature has deteriorated and can no longer be seen. The southernmost mound of this complex of terraces bears the name Marble Terrace. On its own stretch of boardwalk between parking areas, little Reservoir Springs has been active recently and has some colorful microbial mats. Part of Mound Terrace looks like a Halloween ghost mask with a screaming mouth.

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