Best way to travel through Scandinavia

Punkaharju nature reserve Road 14 runs NW through beautiful scenery to the village of Punkaniemi, on the Punkasalmi river, which links the Puruvesi, to the N, with the Vaistdnseka. The road continues alongside the railway on a narrow causeway and along the Punkaharju ridge (7 km (4Jr miles) long, up to 25 m (80 ft) high: nature reserve). The ridge, deposited by the melt-waters of the last Ice Age, falls steeply down on both sides and is covered with pine, larch and birch forest, with a number of attractive footpaths. At Antolla, where Road 14 continues to Savonlinna (231), turn right into Road 71 for Kerimaki.

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Kerimaki (Herttua Hotel, 102 b.), on the E bank of the Puruvesi, is noted for its huge wooden church (seating for 5000), Best way to travel through Scandinavia built in 1847 at the expense of a local man who had emigrated to America. The large size of the church is said to be due to the fact that the measurements on the plan, in feet, were interpreted as metres. Some of the events in the Savonlinna musical festival ( 233) take place in the church. At Puhos we rejoin Road 6, coming from the E bank of the Puruvesi.

The road continues via Onkamo and Pyhaselkato Joensuu (145), capital of northern Karelia. Best way to travel through Scandinavia From here Road 17 runs W to Kuopio. Road 18 continues N to a junction at Uura.

Here Road 73 goes off on the right via Eno (Pihkanokka Hotel, 21 b.) to Uimaharju, at the S end of Lake Pielinen (area 1095 sq. km 423 sq. miles), and continues along the E side of the lake, through beautiful scenery.

Lieksa (Aigabriha Hotel, 40 SB; Kaatrahovi, 18 youth hostel; camp site), popular for water sports, has an open-air museum (60 old buildings). From here an attractive trip can be made to the Ruuna rapids, 25 km (15 miles) NE.

Road 73 continues along the shores of Lake Pielinen, and beyond Nurmes rejoins Road 18. From Uura Road 18 runs N to the Karjajanselka ridge, Best way to travel through Scandinavia which is bounded on the SW by Lake Pielinen. AXAhmovaara a road goes off on the right to the Koli Hills (162).

Juuka, a straggling village on the W side of Lake Pielinen, has a wooden church with a separate tower. Here the Pielisjoki provides a link between Lake Pielinen and Lake Saimaa (several locks).

The road continues NW, crossing the Suomenselka, to Kajaani (154); then on Road 77 to Oulu (219).

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