BOSTIX US Map & Phone & Address

Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston; (617)723-5181

Copley Square, Dartmouth and Boylston Sts. Boston; (617) 723-5181

These kiosks sell half-price tickets to shows all over the Boston area, including the big shows downtown, whenever empty seats are made available by the individual box offices. In late 1994, BOSTIX opened a second location in Copley Square; each location has the same tickets available. Half-price tickets are sold for that day’s performances only; the booth also sells advance tickets at full price, as well as tickets for concerts, museums, and other events. Open Mondays-Saturdays from 10-6, Sundays 11-4. The Faneuil Hall branch is closed Mondays. Cash only.

Now, here is a list of resident theater companies performing in the Boston area at affordable prices:

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