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What’s nice about a K-2 is that EMFs can be monitored across a room. When you see the lights flashing, the investigator can quickly ring their tri-field meter or EMF detector to validate the spike.

We have used the K-2 on many of our investigations. During our Doherty Hotel investigation, the K-2 did dramatically respond to a series of EVP questions.


The Ovilus is said to translate EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) readings into numbers and then translate those numbers into words. This allegedly allows spirit energy or other entities to verbally communicate with the investigator.

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2 hold and two of her crew of 15 were killed instantly; the survivors quickly abandoned ship. The Aulton sank five The wreck is orientated in a NE to SW direction, with the bows to the SW. It lies on a seabed of mud, sand and shells in a general depth of 60 m (LAT). The wreck is upright and almost intact, but with a trail of debris extending 10 m from the stern. The wreckage stands 7.1 m high and covers an area 46 m in length by 8 m wide. The bell, if and when it is located, will almost certainly be inscribed: Gypsy 1899. Quite a lot of fish have been observed on a depth sounder so it should make a good boat-angling venue, although nets cover much of the upper sections. The Bowling (Official No. 129523) was a steel-hulled 793-ton British steam cargo vessel measuring 60.

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