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Brazil is a country with rhythms of dance, and music echo the exuberance of nature in the tropics from colorful festive cities to the lush tropical rainforest every part of this South American country will delight you with a riot of color a symphony of sounds, and a banquet of unique flavors come, and discover everything Brazil has to offer during your small ship adventure. You’ll explore vibrant cities, and diverse landscapes, and delve into the rich history of this fascinating region in an OEE small group. You’ll discover your destination by land, and by sea, and meet the people who call it home all on a discovery filled itinerary offered at an unbeatable value you can improve your value, and make the most of your airfare with optional trip extensions add a stay in Chile to discover bustling Santiago, and the Atacama Desert, and expand your trip with a visit to the all inspiring iguazu falls from your hometown.

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You’ll set out on a journey of discovery our journey begins with fantastic city locations like the famous landmarks of Rio de Janeiro, and the colorful streets of Salvador da Bahia then cruise on our privately chartered River ship to discover the rainforests of the Amazon River watershed next we explore the rich biodiversity of plant, and animal life in the Pantanal an expanse of wetlands ten times the size of the Florida Everglades before we conclude our journey in Rio on this adventure. You’ll delve into the history, and culture of your destination connect with Brazil’s unique combination of African, and Portuguese cultures during a folklore show featuring capoeira a traditional art that combines graceful dance with martial arts learn about the legacy of Brazil’s colonial era in Salvador s historic pillar in your neighborhood explore the Pantanal wetlands on foot on horseback, and by boat to discover some of their astonishing variety of wildlife throughout your small ship adventure. You’ll find that your unique discoveries are enhanced by Oh a tea is small group sized experience the warmth of Brazilian hospitality at a home hosted dinner with a local family in Salvador in Manaus discover the ornate opera house known as the jewel of the Amazon explore one of the largest freshwater archipelagos on earth by canoe in the anime Ana’s national park during your cruise.

You’ll sail aboard a small ship well-suited for navigating the region’s waterways enjoy the comfort of your cabin, and the ship’s public areas take in the view from the deck, and go ashore at off-the-beaten-path destinations for unique discoveries while in South America. You’ll dine on freshly prepared regionally inspired meals your trip leader will give you insight on personal favorites, and local specialties each stay on your adventure offers a place to relax refresh, and mingle with your fellow travelers after a day of discovery you can experience even more with optional tours deepen your understanding of the complexity of Brazilian society by visiting favelas shanty towns that are often right next to some of Rio’s most exclusive districts, and keep the discoveries going by ad general extensions to your trip begin your trip with a visit to Chile’s capital Santiago said against the incredible backdrop of the Andes, and get to know the Atacama Desert where Oasis towns like San Pedro dot the driest place on earth end your trip with a journey to thundering iguazu falls at the border of Brazil, and Argentina at twice the width of Niagara Falls, it’s easy to see why this collection of more than plunging watercourses ranks among the world’s greatest natural wonders Brazil has extraordinary natural landscapes, and vibrant cities to discover journey through the living breathing rainforest, and explore the world’s largest wetlands laughs with the local people in historic cities, and learn why Brazilians are famous for their friendliness, and hospitality call today to discover the best of Brazil with Oh a tea.

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