Going to Essaouira With No Plans

Hey from Marrakech it is early in the morning ivy, and I are headed kind of away from the very crazy center of the city, and the chaos here, and going to a shoe era yes taking a bus over there having a little bit of coffee here before we take our bus to Sol is really good how’s your team likes delicious lemon verbena I need to try more of that hello we are in s wherea right by the beach here in Morocco we kind of came here without any plan yeah. So we’re just kind of walking, and trying to find a place we think we’ve found a good one now well Ivy has been bargaining she’s better at it we think we’ve found a place now hopefully. Because my backpack is getting heavy. So yeah, I’m gonna go there now beeps – yeah we really want to walk sand just relax it’s definitely a lot more relaxed here than Marrakech which we really needed. So crazy there sometimes we found a hotel to stay definitely way cheaper than you could get anywhere in here which is something that’s very nice about traveling in Morocco this is the view from kind of the balcony where we’re staying.

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So Ivy, and I are about to go, and explore more of the city earlier we were having lunch, and the lunch was amazing. But just all of the things that we were seeing Ivy’s here laughing -. Because all of the things that we were seeing while we were at lunch for just. So it was like a show there was this cartoon character sort of guy like playing a little instrument humans he was about like 80 years old, and he just looked like a cartoon character, and then he would do this this little jump jump off the ground like a few inches off the ground, and then like this guy came over to us, and was like oh you need to buy tissues, and it was so random, and then he was like trying to convince us to buy his tissues, and you’re like no we don’t need any tissues Ivy told him like oh no we’re poor students we don’t have any money, and then like 10 seconds later she drops her purse, and Alice tells all these euros like three times more than we even paid for a whole meal what else oh this crazy drunk guy came by, and like randomly took an entire bottle of alcohol out of his pocket, and then like hit, and then he went over to some other guy that I guess was trying to tell him to leave, and he takes out two butter knives, and is wielding the like machetes I’ve tried to stab, and the guys are just laughing at it was so funny my V sound a crap IV yeah she found a cute guy she’s trying to get some surfing lessons from him in a beautiful part of walking around the city trying to find someone that we actually met in Marrakesh last night I’ve been calling her name out in this yeah people just think Ivy’s crazy a little really.

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