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Bruges one of Western Europe’s spectacular medieval cities. How can today’s world traveler reach back to the life of medieval time, and before perhaps chocolate of the day or a glimpse of an ancient crap spend a few extra days to discover the romance of old-world Europe with a program director from your River cruise. I always advise everybody to go out in the early evening most of the day visitors have gone, and then you really see Bruges. How you want to see the city’s name came from the Old North Bridge via meaning landing-stage or port that was when the canals reached the north seat eight miles away but dredging stopped in the th, and th century now the canals offer backyard views into local life behind these trees can be found a former bacon on a Women’s Association, and housing for those who were widowed when their husbands were lost in the crusade but who were then determined to make their community they call it fairy lace on which stitch.

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Because they say only a fairy order which can make something that’s life that’s where the name comes from so. I’m crossing them to certain way I’ll show you making a line in what. I call half linen, and finally voila it didn’t even do seconds you have one stitch okay perhaps years of practice, and muscle-memory offers transport to the days of medieval Europe he wasn’t looking at what he was doing it was just shuffling the little bobbins around when.

I do things. I have to look. How do you say that you could do an inch in a day now that takes a lot of patience you. So in we become under the rule of the French King he built his burg here, and he promises to protect bells were a common sound in the medieval city an error when no one chose to stay overnight here if they had an option elsewhere the issues were dangerous dark streets, and a lack of secure quarters for visitors but this was also those monks who advised us if we wanted to live very long we should drink beer instead of water exploring medieval Europe for a few days today this charming city allows the curious a chance to try, and the ciao yes.

I’m in luck origin it walked by all the chocolate places and I have my list of everybody who said please bring back chocolate from your show you.

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