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Nowadays Kucha seems to specialise in producing bricks; I wandered Travel house China past rows of kilns in working order, and rows of ruined ones, fallen down. Travel house China After stopping at a shack cafe for a cup of tea, I refilled my flask from the teapot and gave the empty pot back to the proprietor, with some money to cover the cost.

He gave me too much change (tea costs one fen – V^p) so I left 10 fen on the table (to cover the flaskful). As I re-boarded the bus the man came running up indignantly giving back the 10 fen and telling me I’d paid for the tea and the extra was free with his compliments. It illustrated the manners and honesty of»_ many people I had encountered and I knew that I was safe among them. After leaving Kucha, the road links a string of oases which are sustained by a series of shallow lakes.

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