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The Chalcedonians, finally triumphant at Constantinople, imposed their patriarchs on Alexandria they were called Melkites, and their succession still persists. The Coptic Orthodox withdrew into clandestinity, alternating with periods of relative freedom. Internal divisions ceased under Damian 578605, a Syrian monk who carried out a vigorous, effective and lasting reorganization of the clergy. 3. 6411250. The Arab conquest freed the Copts from the heavy Byzantine yoke and for a time allowed them a religious tranquility never enjoyed before. Relations with their rulers were often good, esp. under the Fatimids 9691171, but were constantly threatened by the intermingling of religious and political-economic problems. Imposition of heavy taxes provoked turbulent revolts, which led to a stiffening of Arab attitudes in the religious sphere also: it was forbidden to build or restore churches or convents; indentifying marks had to be worn on the person; some feasts could not be publicly celebrated. The patriarchal see was moved from Alexandria to Fustat Cairo, seat of the court. The liturgical books were translated into Arabic. As for theology, it is hard to speak in this period of a genuine theology of the Coptic Church, which recognized itself more in the line of patriarchs descending in a direct line from Dioscorus than in subtle and complicated theological formulas, on which there was no little disagreement even among the opponents of the Chalcedonians.

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17451746 Bonnie Prince Charlie, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, Sri Lanka Map leads a Jacobite uprising from Scotland. Although the Jacobites briefly invade England, they return to Scotland Sri Lanka Map and are annihilated by the forces of George II at the battle of Culloden on April 16, 1746. 1746 Russia and Austria conclude a defensive alliance. 1748 The treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle ends the War of the Austrian Succession and allows Prussia to keep Silesia. 1754 The royal governor of Virginia dispatches a small force under George Washington to confront French expansion into the Ohio territory. A skirmish between troops led by George Washington and those led by Coulon de Jumonville sparks the outbreak of the French and Indian War (known as the Seven Years’ War in Europe, it will last until 1763). Washington surrenders Fort Necessity, effectively handing control of the Ohio Valley to France.

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