Bruges Metro Map

Bruges Metro Map


Lined with gorgeous canals, and small enough to be explored on a short walk, Bruges is best seen on foot. Avoid visiting Bruges on Mondays, when all the muse ums are closed. If you plan to visit many museums, consider a cost-saving combi-nation ticket ( 15; includes admission to five museums).

Over the Markt looms the Belfort, an 88m medieval bell tower. During the day, climb its dizzying 366 steps for a great view; return at night, when the tower serves as the city’s torch. (Belfort open Su and Tu-Sa 9:30am-5pm. Tick ets sold until 4:15pm. 5, students 3. Bell concerts Oct.-June 15 W and Sa-Su 2:15pm; June 15-Sept. Su only.) Behind the Markt, the Burg is dominated by the massive, yet finely detailed Gothic facade of the Stadhuis (City Hall). Inside, the building’s attractions include paintings, wood carvings, and a gilded hall where many residents of Bruges still get married. (Open Su and Tu-Sa 9:30am-4:30pm. 2.50, students 1.50. Audioguide included.) Hidden in a comer of the Burg next to the Stadhuis, the Basilica of the Holy Blood houses a relic that allegedly holds the blood of Christ. (Basilica open Apr.-Sept daily 9:30-ll:50am and 2-5:50pm; 0ct.-Mar. lOam-noon and 2-4pm; closed W after noon. Free. Worship of the Relic F 11:50am, 5:50pm, 10-llam, and 3-4pm. 1.50.)

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