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Favorite post Ive Ever Made Byron Bay Australia And you ghost plane Hey guys today I am headed to Byron Bay from Brisbane, and it just decided that like spur of the moment the environment is fun don’t you lay good niggas all I can think is so today is my first day environment awesome coffee shops here really cute little town has a very like surfer beachy vibe really relaxed tons of people just walking around everywhere even in the supermarket without their shoes on of my shoes on you know to give you pain, I’m seeing your art you know this is the only time, and you all are playing in games the last day we could make a song I can make a salty thing go away Hey guys again today I thought I would hike to the lighthouse at sunrise like a 30 to 45-minute walk all of the birds are singing really beautiful morning such a cold view as you walk I can’t wait to see the lighthouse I think I saw it a bit earlier trail is so beautiful keep up these stairs, and closets gorgeous noon, and right over here the other side is the sunrise just spectacular I thought I had missed the sunrise to be honest, and then I wouldn’t get to see it it’s really cloudy we just read over there.

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So gorgeous, and I can kind of see all these storms, and rain out at sea falling on the ocean almost like this I really wish that Livio was here to see it I know that he’d really love this view in the surfing here, and everything, and it’s nice to travel alone, and I do like traveling solo sometimes. But sometimes you just want your adventure partner you know. So missing Louisville a little bit right now um gonna continue with this gorgeous here oh my gosh I just can’t get over it it is amazing probably one of my favorite things that I’ve seen in Australia. So far you look at that I don’t even think that the camera can capture such beauty let’s keep going you know you see the only time then you go playing in games the last day we can make a song walking with this view is awesome there is the lighthouse headed for it you know what you do to scale in your face, I’m sharing your art you know this is building behind me is the beautiful Quantico speech it is one of the lesser creatures environment a little bit outside for the view of the lighthouse kind of, and all of these rocks on the shore beautiful waters very pristine not a lot of people here apparently it is a regular kind of hangout space for this school of dolphin it’s just looking absolutely gorgeous I didn’t even expect. So many gorgeous views on this walk to the lighthouse I don’t even know how to find the lighthouse right now, I’m trying to find the steps up I just had to come, and see this week okay say goodbye to the lovely want to go speech I think I saw some dolphins or sea turtles out there still out there I wish so much that I had brought my bathing suit why December 582 I don’t know I want to go, and swim with the turtles, and the dolphin. So bad well okay on to the lighthouse going up the stairs to lighthouse people lot of them another mistake another step maybe hunger this happen Starkey we made a darling at me like it doesn’t need almost two lighthouse now gorgeous views.

But of course first some more steps I made it the Sun is blinding me no you made niggas all made it to the top of the lighthouse, and it is so so beautiful up here 360 views Byron Bay, and the ocean the rocks is just really incredible you can see. So far even though it’s cloudy especially that way in sea storms oh the other way actually. So now that I did this definitely recommend if you are in Byron Bay to come up to the lighthouse, and be sure to see all of the beaches, and awesome views along the way I did it in the really early morning which really seems best I think it’s like one of the number one recommended things to do to hike to the lighthouse at sunrise definitely check it out if you’re here, and again it’s free I think you saw only way here in the fire thing, and really nice really cloudy day visit it’s raining. So walking me through a little bit, and then I think, I’m going to go, and do a lot of editing work to do. So there’s walking a little bit today I am going to do something I’ve definitely never done before, I’m going to have a surfing lesson I to know if you are aware. But Byron Bay is a really famous spot for surfing is kind of known worldwide for that I just figured I can’t be environment, and not do a little bit of surfing even if I don’t know how.

So surf lesson seems like the way to go we have been driving to find a beach where we can surf group of us tell us it comes out of a water it can be a little bit shocking nothing to use this okay. But plenty of time later though second spot looks like that Square will be its beach called flat rock outside of Byron Bay, and looks like that’s where, I’ll be learning to surf or having my first surfing lesson looking forward to it just drop the surfboards down to the beach here darting to rainbows I think, I’ll have to use my GoPro from now on maybe. So Oh Oh maybe. So well guys I have just gotten back from surfing it was good a good experience, I’m glad that I went I was really really awful at it at first at the end I was able to stand up three times actually surf instructor one of his kids with him, and I said hey, I’ll pay you five dollars like run, and go get my GoPro, and quick posting which he was overjoyed I got a little bit of footage for you guys had fun surfing for first time I leave really early tomorrow morning, and I am going to Rainbow Beach in Fraser Island which, I’m so excited about. So I will see you there in the next post thanks for reading my adventures environment to see the new page, I’m sharing your art.

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