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CONSULTATIONES ZACCHAEI ET APOLLONII. G. Morin wanted to attribute this work to Firmicus Maternus mid-4th c. but similarities to Sulpicius Severus and the expectation of the immediate end of the world suggest a later date. It certainly predates the end of the 5th c. since Eugenius, bishop of Carthage from 483, cites it CPL 103. Book I responds to pagan objections to the Christian faith. Book II follows the true doctrine on the Trinity and the Holy Spirit, with a warning against Judaism and certain heresies. The last book, going even more deeply into the Christian life, is a defense of monastic life. Influenced by Tertullian and Lactantius, the author presents the Christian religion as a law requiring both knowledge of God and upright action. Notable in particular is the distinction between the common life of humiliores and the perfect life of monks. The Consultationes Zacchaei et Apollonii is the only ancient dialogue to offer a synthesis of the Christian faith in question and answer form.

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1763 Native Countrys throughout the Ohio River Valley and the Great Budapest Map Tourist Attractions Lakes region follow the lead of Pontiac, an Ottawa leader, and rebel against the English. Budapest Map Tourist Attractions Native Countrys seize all but two of the British forts in the West. Eventually Pontiac loses what influence he had been able to build. He is killed in 1769 by a Peoria man. 1770 Anthony Benezet, a Philadelphia Quaker, opens a school specifically for African Countrys. 1775 African Countrys are officially excluded from the Continental army. The Continental Congress approves the measure. Lord Dunmore, British governor of Virginia, proclaims that all slaves who leave their masters to serve the British will receive their freedom. It is unclear exactly how many slaves take him up on this offer. Worried about Dunmore’s proclamation, General Washington changes his mind and allows his officers to enlist free black soldiers and sailors.

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