Callahan’s Steak and Seafood US Map & Phone & Address

100 Needham St. Newton; (617) 527-3112 Well-established and unpretentious, Callahan’s serves up huge platters of good food in its folksy dining room or chummier sports bar. The selective menu offers up a handful each of meat and fish dinners, starting with big burgers from just $4.35. A chopped sirloin plate goes up to $7.95, while filet mignon tops out at a still-reasonable $13.95. With all dinners, don’t forget, you also get bread, , salad, and rice or potato a good deal.

Mine sampled a daily special of grilled salmon ($9.95) and got a hefty slab o’ fish, plus the above-men-tioned goodies. It was juicy, tasty, and a struggle to finish. That’s the way it is here; like so many good pubs, income from the bar makes for extremely affordable food.

Located along a popular discount shopping stretch (next to one of Mine’s absolute faves, the New England Mobile Book Fair), Callahan’s is actually busier at lunch than at dinner. Thus, dinnertime is quiet, and you can be assured of getting seated quickly. Course, lunches move briskly too, especially when a New York strip steak goes for just $6.75 (!) with a salad or potato. Callahan’s is open 11 a m. to 11 P.M. seven days.

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