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1584 An expedition funded by Walter Raleigh reaches the Outer Banks Cambodia Metro Map of present-day North Carolina. Walter Raleigh names the country Virginia in honor of Elizabeth I Cambodia Metro Map , the Virgin Queen, and in return he is knighted. 1585 Raleigh sends another group of adventurers to Roanoke. The group returns home the following spring with Francis Drake, though the work of John White and Thomas Harriot will continue to increase English interest in the region.

1587 Raleigh sends out another larger group of adventurers, this time intending to stay, under the leadership of John White. White, however, returns with the ship. Hostilities with Spain (including the famous 1588 naval battle) prevent a supply ship from reaching the colony for four years. By the time White returns, the settlement has been abandoned, and the word Croatoan has been scratched into a stockade post. The fate of the colonists is unclear. They may have been killed by local natives or assimilated into a native community, only to be destroyed when Powhatan conquered the region in the first decade of the seventeenth century.

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