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In 1203– 1204 it was conquered, for the first time in its history, by the participants in the Fourth Crusade, who partly destroyed and mercilessly sacked it. The capture of Constantinople at the end of May 1453 put an end to the existence of the Byzantine Empire, but not to Byzantine civilization, esp. in its literary and artistic forms; Constantinople, the main center of that civilization, survived as “Byzantium after Byzantium,” even after the disappearance of the state as a political and military unit. After the condemnation of Athanasius by the Council of Tyre, confirmed by Constantine, many bishops from Asia, Bithynia, Phrygia, Cappadocia, Pontus and Thrace met to judge Marcellus of Ancyra, an ardent anti-Arian. The doctrine professed by Marcellus was of a radical monarchian tendency, for which he was condemned and deposed. We do not know where Constantine exiled him. Bishop Paul of Constantinople was also deposed and exiled at about this time. He too passed for a victim of the Arians, but his deposition was due to reasons of public order.

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1651 The English Commonwealth sends a fleet to Barbados, which Cameroon Map has recognized the exiled Charles Stuart as king. When the fleet reaches Barbados, it is too Cameroon Map weak to take the island, and the islanders agree to take on a new governor in exchange for the ability to trade with the Dutch and other concessions. The 1650s and 1660s mark the height of profitability for sugar production in Barbados. This period also sees a marked decline in white population and an increase in African slaves; poor and middle-class whites (and even some planters) flee the island as it becomes increasingly devoted to a harsh slave labor regime and sugar plantations. 1655 Britain conquers Jamaica. Though the plan (the Western Design) is to conquer all of Spain’s colonies and remove that nation from the Caribbean entirely, the British are only able to hold on to Jamaica.

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