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Ask U.S. citizens to name their favorite city and San Francisco often pops up. Ask Canadians the same question and the answer is likely to be Toronto. Toronto is Canada’s leading city in population and in other ways as well. Per capita income is 21 percent higher than in the rest of Canada. Its stock exchange is second only to the New York Stock Exchange and handles 81 percent of Canada’s stock transactions. It is a city known for its casual style, cleanliness and safety. It has a good subway system as well as being a place for pedestrians, a place with up-scale shops and numerous ethnic restaurants.

After Paris, Montreal, in Quebec province, is the largest French-speaking city worldwide. A metropolis of three million, it is a series of twenty-eight small cities around central Montreal on a river island twenty-five miles long. Each has its own mayor and fire department. Montreal is food conscious, a place, it is said, where restaurants and food come second only to language and politics as a topic of conversation. There are three thousand restaurants. Montreal’s subway ranks with those of Mexico City and Moscow in being colorful and pleasurable to use. Churches are plentiful and in the French tradition of church architecture.

Canada history: You follow what is an obvious track uphill, passing through Canada Map an area of woodland, then rise to a T-junction of paths at which you turn Canada Map left. Proceed now on a clear path to the hilltop assembly of trees known as Chanctonbury Ring, just a few hundred yards ahead. This Iron Age hillfort, consisting of a ditch and rampart in the shade of a grove of beech trees, is one of the best viewpoints in the whole of southern England, with vast areas of the Weald visible to the north, and, on a good day, views as far as Selsey Bill to the south. Immediately to the north is Wiston House, an Elizabethan mansion set in a lovely park. The trees on Chanctonbury Ring were planted in about 1760 by Charles Goring who lived in Wiston House, but many were blown down in the Great Storm of 1987. Curiously enough, those on the outer fringe fared best, and the storm did bring one bonus: the discovery of a prehistoric human leg bone, found under an uprooted tree.

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