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Key areas on the canal

Near-margin and shelf: Don’t assume you have to reach the far bank to catch fish on a canal. The bottom of the near-shelf is an excellent place to start fishing, where you’ll likely find roach and skimmers. Even the shallow water may contain fish such as gudgeon, rudd and pike, especially if there is some cover close in.

Central ‘Track’: The main channel is the deepest part of the canal. Boat traffic also helps to keep it clear and open. Many species are found here, but bream especially like the deep track. During the winter, or when the canal level drops or the water becomes very clear, more fish move towards the middle of the canal for the warmth and safety which deeper water provides. On neglected canals this also rings true, where the only deep water might be right in the middle.

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Bottom Of far-shelf: This is a key area for ‘bonus fish of all kinds, including tench and carp. As with the near-shelf, natural food as well as the bait you introduce tends to gather here. Plumb the depth carefully here, to find the deepest point of the slope.

Far-margin: Sometimes fish will be found right on the far bank of canals, particularly if the water is coloured or there is some cover. Species such as perch, chub and carp particularly love far-bank features, the more pronounced the better.

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