66 Wellington St W, Toronto, 416-364-0054 CUISINE: Canadian DRINKS: Full Bar

SERVING: Lunch & Dinner; closed Sat & Sun PRICE RANGE: $$$$

NEIGHBORHOOD: Financial District

Located on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower, this upscale eatery offers incredible views and an impressive menu of Chef John Horne’s regional Canadian cuisine. Favorites include: Foie gras and Alberta lamb. Excellent wine pairings. Dessert choices include: chocolate hazelnut torte, the chocolate peanut dessert, and the roasted peaches.


The steep smooth walls near to the corner of the island contain very few crevices but the north face at this point is very sheltered from the tide. Visibility can be very good out in the Sound. About one third of the way along the west side of Farne and just past The Churn is a rather boring dive site. Close to the island there is shallow water of only a couple of metres or so and the seabed, with a heavy covering of kelp to about 100 metres out, gradually slopes away and down to 15 metres before dropping more steeply to 18 metres onto sand and stone. There is the possibility of finding the occasional crab and a few whelks amongst the weed, but the tidal stream is strong and it is generally not even worth the effort of kitting up for a dive. A steep rock wall goes down to a few boulders and eventually onto sand at about 10 metres but there are some interesting creeks and gullies to explore near to the Stack around the southwest corner of Farne. Visibility in this particular area always seems to be rather tedious, however. Further out to the southwest the bottom slopes away rather steeply before levelling out onto sand and stone at 18 metres. The southeast corner of Farne Island has a wall to the bottom at 7 metres and a very strong tidal stream runs between the islands in what is known as Wideopen Gut. Away from the wall to the south, the bottom slopes down steeply before levelling out at about 16 metres.

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