Carpathians Mountains

Eastern Carpathians

These mountais stretch from Romaina’s Northern border down to Prahova Valley. The west side includes the volcanic mountains Oas, Gutai, Tiblej, Calimani; to the East there are the Bucovina’s Crests and Vrancea Mountains, and, in the curve area, the Ciucas Mountains. The Eastern Carpathians display an array of spectacular reliefs such as the volcanic rocks in Calimani or the limestone formations in the Rarau Mountains, Ciucas and Piatra Mare. In the same area there are the most spectacular gorges in all Romania, the Bicaz Gorges. Inside these areas national parks such as Rodna’s, Caliman’s, Ceahlau’s Mountains, Bicaz-Hasmas Gorge and the Natural Park Vanatori-Neamt were constituted.

The Southern Carpathians

The tourism in this mountain area is highly developed. The mountain resorts in Prahova Valley (such as Sinaia, Busteni, Azuga), but also from Brasov (Predeal and Poiana Brasov) distinguish themselves by the multiple sports recreation possibilities. The large number of ski and snowboard slopes attract yearly hundreds of thousands of tourists. The resorts have modem facilities of cbale transporation (ski lift lines, cabin lift lines, gondola lift), as well as miles and miles of ski-prone fields, classes under several difficulty levels.

Carpathians Mountains Photo Gallery

A unique natural reservation in Romania is the Mud Volcanos region in the Curve Subcarpathians, near the city of Buzau.

The Southern Carpathians represent a remarkable tourist attraction through the presence of certain national parks, Piatra Craiului, Cozia, Retezat, Domogled – Cema’s Valley, as well as natural reservations, Bucegi and Graditea Muscelului-Cioclovina.

These include the highest mountain peaks, but also the most massive of all the Romanian Carpathian chain. They are called Transilvanian Alps and stretch from the Prahova Valley, to the East, until the Cema-Timis couloir to the West Its overall length is approximately 300 km. They are fomied from four important groups. To the ast there are the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountain group, and, subsequently, up to the river Olt, the Fagaras Iezer group. Between river Olt and Jiu river there are the Parang-Sebe? Mountains, and from Jiu up to the western end there is the Retezat-Godeanu mountain group.

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