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Romania is a country with a rich gastronomy that also varies a lot depending on the region. Here the tourist can choose without any problems the international cuisine as well. But the main attraction is represented by the traditional dishes, from the soups flavored with acids in different ways to the meat and vegetable specialties. A reason for the Romanians to be proud is their wines and their traditional alcoholic drinks, tuica and palinca.


The food in this part of the country is rich in spices. The Oltenia sausages are famous all over the region, being prepared from a mix of cattle and swine meat, garlic, pepper and salt. The soups are made sour using sauerkraut brine or tomato juice and are refreshed with the help of pimpernel and lovage.


In Transylvania the local people prepare the well known smoked lard bacon, the roast steak made on the disk, the spinach and the cream of Sighioara. To all these dishes rich in sauces and grease they add tuica and horinca, but also the Transylvanian pies, baked in fat, full of cream, cheese, sugar and dill. This region offers a great variety of over 50 cakes, too.


Any Moldavian meal, reach in meat, sauces and very fat cream, has also fresh vegetables picked from the peasants gardens. Borsches are delicious, due to the fact that they are made sour with the help of both wax cherries and green grapes. Over here you will experience chisca (kind of Moldavian sausage prepared with swine entrails), but also the pig meat jelly, the ragout with beans and the headed cabbage. All these dishes have a special taste in Moldavia being made after old receipts, continuously improved.

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Romanian traditional Dobrogea restaurant

Greeks, Thracians, Persians, Scythians, Turks, all passed by Dobrogea to eat a sea gudgeon or to drink a tuica. Cattle stomach soup and fish dishes are always on the table here. On the fall,the fish dishes supremacy is shadowed by the young wethers prepared in various ways (stews, joints roasted on the spit, etc.).

Reference vineyards and wines

Romania is one of the few countries of the world that has a millenary tradition in viticulture.

The archeological discoveries made in our country certify traces of wine growing activity of over five thousand years. With the help of practical experience gathered by generations of cultivators specific assortments of each vineyard were created. Their fame grew over the centuries due to the grape quality but mostly to the refinement of the obtained wines, being known and appreciated by many European courts over the time.

Cotnari Vineyard, part of the wine region of Moldavian plateau, one of the most representative wine areas in our country.

Grasa de Cotnari – traditional brand of the Romanian oenology. Its secret consists in gathering in the grapes rather late. The wine has a greenish color (when is young) or a golden one (after becoming old). It is recommended at desert, with fruits or after meal.

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