Cotroceni Palace Bucharest

Currently the president’s residence, the Cotroceni palace was built on the former site of a religious complex, whose founder was prince serban Cantacuzino.

The Cotroceni museum complex of these days preserves the initial architectural concept, which is obviously uniform both artistically, as well as in composition.

Culture Palace

The palace was inaugurated in 1896 by king Ferdinand of Romania. It was made according to the plans of architect I. D. Berindei, and its erection lasted two decades. Nowadays the Culture Palace in Iasi houses the National Museum Complex “Moldova” and includes: Moldova’s History Museum, Moldova’s Ethnographic Museum, Art Museum, Science and Technics Museum “stefan Procopiu”. The North-East wing of the palace houses the Gheorghe Asachi Municipal Library.

Cotroceni Palace Bucharest Photo Gallery

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