Mogosoaia Palace Bucharest

The most representative construction in the architectural Brancoveanu’s style in the Bucharest area.

Erected at the end of the 17th century, as residence on the way that linked Bucharest with Targoviste, the palace has all the characteristics of the Brancoveanu’s style: crafty stone carving, the prevalence of vegetal motifs, the unassertive presence of figurative sculpture (generally mythological shapes), columns ended in impressive heads, and so forth. The Chindia Tower – Targoviste

Glacier lake in the Fagara? Mountains

Discover the legendary mountains and the modern tourist attractions

The Romanian mountanous relief is represented mainly by the chain of the Carpathian Mountains divided, geographically, into three great sections: the Eastern, Southern and Western Carpathians. The Carpathians have been the cradle of the Romanian civilisation and culture, today the resors in the area offering accomodation and recreation opportunities for all tastes.

The Romanian Caipathians have an average altitude of 840 m, are centrally situated on the Romanian map, representing an important part of the Alpes-Carpathian-Himalayan chain. Salvamont services, intended for tourist supervision, accident prevention and rescue in serious cases, are available 24 hours on 24, seven days out of seven. Nevertheless, the oldes mountain area in Romania is represented by the Macin Mountains. This alpine chain is the oldes mountain formation in Romania, listed one of the oldest in Europe. They are located in the South-East of Romania (Tulcea county), spreading across a total area of 50.000 ha, and maximum heaight of 467 m (Tutuiatu Peak).

Mogosoaia Palace Bucharest Photo Gallery

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