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The cistercian monastery in Carta

Hunedoara, in the nobiliary residence. Here was imprisoned and submitted to opressions Francisc David, the founder of the Unitarian reform. Nowadays the citadel is rehabilitated and can be reached by ski lift.

Poienari Citadel – County of Arge

Located in the commune of Arefu, the Poienari Citadel was built on top of the Cetatui mountain. It was erected in the 14th century by the first of the Basarab family lords, subsequently expanded by the king of Tara Romaneasca, Vlad Tepes, who used the castle as secondary principality residence.

There are legends saying the castle was used by the Romanian prince Vlad Tepe.

Romanian principality and royalty palaces Peles Castle – Sinaia, County of Prahova

The Peles? Castle (built between 1875 and 1883, continued until 1914, the year Carol 1st died) was the summer residence of king Carol 1st and his wife, queen Elisabeta. The museum complex in Sinaia includes both Peles castle as well as Pelijor castle and the Foisor royal residence.

As far as the style is concerned, the three buildings are very much different, reflecting the changes in mentality and taste running through the epoch, starting with the loftiness of king Carl I’s Peles castle, continuing with the Art Nouveau brightness of Pelisor, evolving between modem fad and local tradition in Foisor.

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