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Wine Cellars in Dealu Mare

Murfatlar Vineyard is located in south-west of Romania, between Danube and the Black Sea, on Dobrogea plateau over 2.600 ha being cultivated. Due to the special location, this vineyard is protected against the climatic excesses. Over here a great variety of grapes are cultivated The vineyard has also a tourist center from where various tours can be organized and a tasting center.

Merlot is one of the Murfatlar vineyard traditional wines. It is red, semidry and is very popular. It has an intense red color, a floral characteristic bouquet and a good evolution when grow old (especially if kept in an oak barrel). It is a wine that develops very well, after getting old its tastes exceptionally.

Tarnave Vineyards is the biggest in Transylvania, focusing the vigor of the areas cultivated between the river Tamava Mare and Tamava Mica. The vineyard is located inside the triangle formed by the city of Blaj, Sighisoara and Balaueri and covers a surface of over 1.000 ha. The vineyards are spread on hills of 400-450 meters high, with an East-West exposure. Riesling is a white dry wine but till the moment of gathering the grapes it can be semi-dry, with well defined particularities of vineyard. Its vividness, freshness and high acidity, fine exotic fruits fragrance makes it one of the most appreciated Romanian wines.

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Pietroasa Vineyards enjoys great climate conditions very much alike to the Mediterranean weather (in here also grow the almond tree and the sweet chestnut tree). The structure of the calcareous soil, rich in iron salts which encourage the red aromatic wines production, and also it enjoys the tradition of the region regarding this occupation, imposing it as one of the best known vineyards in Romania.

Busuioaca de Bohotin belongs to the category of best quality wines. It is a red, semi-sweet wine with slight bitterish taste. The remarkable fragrance reminds of roses, basil and wild strawberries. Best temperature to be served is 18 degrees C and it can accompany different sort of cheese as well as fine deserts and fruits.

Dealu Mare Vineyards represent the most compact viticultural region of Romania. The area stretches for approximately 70 kilometers over the Prahova and Buzau districts. Dealul Mare Vineyards is named “the land of the red wines” because of its superior wines with exquisite taste.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the most representative red wine of this area. It impresses by its intense dark red color, by its flavor and by the taste of the fully-grown grapes that consecrated it. The firm characteristic features of Cabernet Sauvignon represent the result of the perfect symbiosis between this variety and the Dealu Mare area.

By means of maturation and antiquation the color of wine changes to dark red without loosing too much in intensity.

Tuica and palinca, the traditional Romanian drinks, are obtained by means of fermentation of fruits (plums, pears, etc.). They are very strong but also very aromatic, being extremely appreciated by tourists everywhere.

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