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Targoviste: One of the first capitals of Wallachia

In Targoviste, the former royal citadel of the Romanian Land, we can visit the ruins of the Princely Court. The Princely ThechindiaTower Deaiu Monastery Court was built successively by Mircea the Old, Petru Cercel, Matei

Basarab, Radu the Great, Constantin Brancoveanu and others.

The Chindia Tower, now a symbol of the city of Targoviste, was built by Vlad the Impaler over the porch of a chapel dating from the time of Voievode Mircea the Old.

Between 1644 and 1645, Vasile Lupu built the Stelea Church, in the Moldavian style, according to the model of the Three Hierarchs Church in Jassy. Just five kilometres from the city can be found the Dealu Monastery, with walls clad in flagstones, built in 1499-1501 by Radu the Great.

In 1215, according to tradition, Negru Voda is supposed to have built a monastery in Campulung Muscel, situated in the valley of the Tagului River. Subsequently, the monastery was rebuilt by Basarab I, Nicolae Alexandru Basarab, Matei Basarab, and Grigorie Dimitrie Ghica. Within the precincts of the monastery, can be found the Princely House built by Matei Basarab in 1650, the Abbot’s House built by Constantine Brancoveanu, and the Bell Tower.

Basarab I (1330-1352), the first lord of Wallachia, established his residence here. In 1369, Vladislav I moved the capital of the land from Curtea de Arges to Campulung.

Eight kilometres from Campulung can be found the village of Namaiesti, famous for its rupestral hermitage, which dates from the 15th-16th century.

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