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Show Places: For experiencing something different and very upscale, show places are unique to Cebu City, and not found in Angeles City. It resembles a walkway fashion show, except at the end the models get completely naked or close to it. The prices for the girls quadruple to 4000P, with no real reason considering the quality of women, but it’s fun to watch once anyway. The two more well known ones are side by side; Thunderdome and Volvo, located on F Ramos Street, across from the Holiday Plaza Hotel. Watch the lady drink scams here.

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Next up, it’s time to get down and dirty boys. Not far from Sanciangko-Palaez Streets are the Jonquerra Brothels. Here you’ll find hysterical little Bamboo huts and shacks filled with short time Filipinas. This is the home of the cheap, really cheap, and unbelievably cheap young girls. It caters to the broke locals, but when you stroll on in you’re a heavy hitter with a $20 bill and will be given the red carpet treatment. Find yourself a pimp on Palaez Street near the Mercedes Hotel, and have him escort you to Jonquerra. With a pimp, you won’t have a mad dash from all the other pimps trying to throw their girls at you, you’re at least guaranteed a quiet initial entrance.

Take your seat, and your guide will then bring his girls to you. You get to pick and choose to your liking, sort of like a waiter with wine; only you’re not interested in aged goods. Take your time and choose your wine whenever you damn well feel like it. Maybe assume some preposterous tilted aristocratic head position and make small mysterious hand moments when you reject one. This area can have some scary sights initially, but a winner will soon appear. Best Showtime for the pickings is early evening, around 8 pm.

Regular ST price for Jonquerra is P500. The girl gets to split this massive sum ($10) with the house. When you’re finished, have the pimp escort you out and tip him in case you fell like repeating later on.

Massage Parlors: of course are another avenue to explore, although don’t expect them to equal the Thailand soapy massages. There are a few dedicated places to go, and many of the hotels will offer in house sessions as well.

For stand alone, try Great Hearts Health Service Massage, located on the Ground Floor of the Fuente Pension House on J. Lorrente Street. Massage is 250P, with extra bj service for 500P to full service rates of 1000-1500P. The oldest downtown hot spot is called Finland, down on Palaez Street. Bodyflex Massage can be found in the Cityview Pension House, with comparable rates. P600 for the massage. And PI000 for the extras. Caesar’s Palace is situated in Mandaue near Innodata. One of the more plush locations, with large beds, hot bath and wall-to-wall mirrors. Room price is a bit higher at PI000, with full service another 1000-1500P. Mogambo Falls, located in the Plantation Bay Resort in Mactan is a gorgeous upper scale hotel with an on site spa, outdoor hot Jacuzzi, a salt water Jacuzzi, and swimming pool. Open daily from 10am to 11pm, the entrance fee is 300P for use of the above, and full service including massage is around 1750P. ( )

Freelancers are easily available as well at the many discos. There are lots of touts/pimps/girls working the Streets and a basic ST (Short time) can be negotiated from P500 up to PI500 for all night. For the truly hardcore territory, there are plenty of streetwalkers; this is not recommended unless you’re double wrapping that bad boy. Women are so available and so cheap that you may want to pass on this; it’s worth spending an extra $5 and still being able to stand up and pee in the morning without shooting blood and unidentified yellow stuff.

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