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1759 By this time, the tide of war is turning Chad Metro Map in favor of the British. Confirming this shift in momentum is the defeat of the French at Chad Metro Map Fort Niagara in July. This victory snaps the French link between Lakes Ontario and Erie. At the same time, Fort Ticonderoga falls to the British and colonists, and the French abandon Crown Point. 1760 With the surrender of the French at Montreal on September 8, the last step in the capitulation of all French Canada, the Country phase of the Seven Years’ War, known as the French and Indian War, comes to an end.

1763 The Treaty of Paris ends the Seven Years’ War; under its terms, the French cede their colonial dominion in North Country to the British. The British government issues the Proclamation of 1763, which forbids land surveying expeditions or colonial settlement west of the Appalachians. Influencing this policy is the outbreak of Pontiac’s Rebellion, provoked by Native Country fears regarding the increasing scope and speed of English expansion westward. It takes almost two years for British forces and colonial militia to restore calm on the frontier.

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