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In England, an incorporated town with certain political and legal Chicago Map rights, such as self-government and the right to send a representative to Parliament. Boston Chicago Map Latin School. A boys’ school founded in Boston in 1635 and the first public school in North Country. Boycott. To refuse to use or buy certain goods and/or to deal with certain persons or companies as an expression of protest or disfavor. Broadsheet.
What will be obvious immediately to the reader from this version of Victorian London is that Dickens’ representation of urban space concerns itself with some of the same features we note in the city today. While it articulates the attitudes and sensibilities of nineteenth-century Britain, it also encapsulates a number of themes about cities that have been discussed in this blog. London is a world city with connections to distant places; it is a space of transience; it is a node for the distribution of goods from elsewhere; it is the location of cultural diversity and difference; it is a zone of heightened senses (including those aided by narcotics); and, it is the threshold of an imagined realm requiring an aesthetic response. It speaks of the politics of representation, urban consciousness, life in the space of flows, modernity and mobility, global interconnections, geographies of class, race and gender and a global sense of place.

The city is, for Dickens, a laboratory for the student of human nature. He discovers in it, as the flaneur does, a landscape of voluptuous extremes’ (Sontag 1977: 55).

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