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Erected in 1326 and several times restored, this temple at the confluence of the Haihe river and Grand Canal is dedicated to the Heavenly Goddess, patroness of seafarers. The main hall, subsidiary halls and bell and drum tower can still be seen.

The Temple of Great Mercy in the north of the town is one of the best-preserved temples to be found in Tianjin orinthe surrounding countryside. It was restored following the 1976 earthquake.

The older part, rebuilt in 1669, houses hundreds of old bronze, iron, wooden and stone statues, a few of which date back as far as the 3rd c. The new section, built in 1949, is the headquarters ofthe local Buddhists.

The Art Museum in Jiefang Beilu, south of the main railway station, exhibits paintings from the Yuan to the Qing periods (1271-1911).

This church, built in the early 20th c, in Neo-Romanesque style and located about 1 km/1100yd west of the Friendship Guesthouse, is the largest in Tianjin. Its three aisles are decorated with frescos and its ground plan is in the form of the Cross of Lorraine.

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