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Today the complex comprises four temple buildings erected in a line going from north to south, which have wall-paintings covering an area of some 960sq.m/10,300sq.ft.

The first temple, the Hall of Dragons and Tigers (Longhu Dian), contains murals depicting deities, court officials and warriors.

The 1325 wall-painting in the adjoining Hall ofthe Three Pure Ones, which is dedicated to the three major Taoist deities, is 95m/312ft long and 4m/13ft high. It bears the title “Homage to the Founder of Taoism”, and shows 286 immortal souls prostrated before the Great Wise One.

The walls ofthe Hall ofthe Pure Yang, which is also known as the Hall of Lu Dongbin, are decorated with 52 frescos dating from 1358 which portray the life of this Taoist saint.

In the Hall of Chongyang Dian visitors can admire 49 wall-paintings which are dedicated to Wang Chongyang (1112-70), a spiritual Taoist leader.

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