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II. Aspects of eucharistic communion. Frequency. In the first three centuries the faithful received Communion at every celebration see Tertullian, Idol. 7; Cyprian, Ep. 56; De or. dom. 18. Clement of Alexandria says that every day the Lord gives himself in the food and drink of immortality Quis dives 23; see also Origen, In Gen hom. 10,3. In the 4th c. we see a relaxation: Basil of Caesarea Ep. 93 and John Chrysostom In Hebr. hom. 17,4 encourage Christians to receive the Eucharist every day, since it is God’s desire declared Hilary frag. 7, PL 10, 725 that every day the Christ, bread of life, the bread come down from heaven, would dwell in us. The Council of Agde 506 prescribes communication three times a year; that of Mcon 585, once a week. Administration of communion. Justin informs us that deacons brought Communion to the absent 1 Ap. 67,5. There was also a custom of taking the sacred species home in order to communicate on the following days: see Tertullian, De or. 19,4; Ad uxor. II,5; Cyprian, De Laps. 26; Hippolytus, Tr. Ap. 37; and still in the 4th c. see Severus of Antioch, Ep. a Cesaria; Jerome, Ep. 49,15; Augustine, Opus imp. c. Iul. 3,162. Eusebius of Caesarea cites the example of simple laymen who bring Communion to the sick HE VI, 44.

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Vineyards, interspersed with organic farms, thoroughbred horse ranches, Cleveland Metro Map and cattle ranches, blanket the rural landscape north of the Santa Ynez Mountains. Two-lane Cleveland Metro Map roads connect the small Danish-themed town of Solvang with the Old West villages of Los Olivos and Santa Ynez, and picturesque Highway 246 winds westward through Buellton and the Santa Rita Hills to the westernmost city of Lompoc. These uncrowded roads attract cycling enthusiasts from around the world, who enjoy pedaling for miles in a stunning pastoral setting. They also come to train and compete in major international races such as the annual Tour of California. The vast Los Padres National Forest bounds the eastern sectors. On the south side, the wild beaches of the rugged Gaviota coast stretch forty miles to the vibrant city of Santa Barbara.

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