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In English, the House of Trade. Founded in 1503 Fort Worth Map in Seville, the Casa was established by the Spanish monarchy to regulate trade in the Countrys, Fort Worth Map which the Spanish considered private property. The Casa was also the agency that maintained the Spanish maps of the New World. Cassava. The tuberous root of a tropical Country shrub, also known as manioc. The sweet variety may be eaten as a vegetable.

It is, therefore, to the agency of the aesthetic, the artistic and the work of the imagination that we turn in this volume to understand the urban condition in the global era.

The city is the locus of the transition from the national to the global. It can be argued that life in cities can be constituted by an engagement with the global, the national and the local simultaneously, and that urban consciousness increasingly demands an accommodation of all three. For Saskia Sassen (2005, 2007) the hierarchical, nested scales of the global, national and local have now collapsed and the sites of the national and the local can be destabilized by the global. The forms of this destabilization have implications for urban transformations, the uses of public space and for the ways in which cities imagine themselves. This transformation has brought about new creative practices and new discursive and narrative interventions. It has had a powerful effect on the consciousness of space and place, and has been a factor in the rise of the global imaginary, so eloquently outlined by Manfred Steger (2008). The intention of this volume is to go beyond the triad of spatial scales to investigate the ways in which contemporary cultural practices and productions in art, architecture, design and technology can reconfigure our urban imaginary, and mediate our engagement with the global through the processes of urban transformation.

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