Colosseum and Ancient Rome Small-Group Tour with Virtual Reality

Today we’re going on a small group tour of the Colosseum and the ancient Roman ruins and we’re doing it in virtual reality. Today we’re gonna look around the Roman Forum, which is kinda like the political center of the Roman Empire. We’ll go to the top of the Palantine Hill, which is where the emperors lived.

Colosseum and Ancient Rome Small-Group Tour with Virtual Reality Photo Gallery

And then we’ll go down to the Colosseum, which was entertainment for the masses. So the best thing about this tour, we get to skip all the lines. Alright, we made it to the top. And you get to experience the Colosseum in 3D with these virtual reality glasses. When people use the virtual reality goggles, they love it, they absolutely love it. You’re able to see pretty much exactly how everything looked thousands of years ago. It just sort of brings it to life. So we just finished our tour of the Colosseum and now we’re off to see the ancient Roman ruins. So we are standing in the middle of the Roman Forum, which is basically the equivalent of downtown or CBD. So there was things like banks, shopping malls, religious ceremonies, and as you can see it is absolutely huge.

So this was the main road into Palantine Hill, which is the palace of the Roman Empire. It’s kinda the equivalent to the White House. So that little hut down there is actually reminiscent of what Roman’s houses would have looked like in the archaic times. Wow, this was a really cool way to experience Rome. Virtual reality goggles, I felt like I was being taken back in time. We saw the Colosseum, the Roman Forum. I definitely had the most thorough experience of Ancient Rome.

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