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The Danube is Europe’s second-longest river at miles, and the only river in the world to flow through the capital cities of four countries it delivers Eastern Europe the danube river offers a wash of exceptional landscape, and community life villages feel sculpted into the riverbank revealing glimpses of daily life been built the iron gates consisted of two dams with communist Romania on the north bank, and communist Yugoslavia on the south designed to tap the huge power of the rivers flow the iron gates formed a storage lake spreading miles upstream turning Europe’s second-longest.

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River into a waterway that is half river half lake passing through the second hydroelectric dam of the day vessels find themselves sitting within one of the largest hydropower plants in Europe the massive carving of the Romanian tribal chief date Jay Paul appears on the cliff over the river further on Bona Kovac a used as an escape route by Romanians fleeing their country during communist times well we learned the deal when the Serbian army came they gave it a low warning.

So the people who devastated in that respect, and a lot of their homes were totally ruins, and they went away, and came back, and rebuilt their houses. Because they love their country. So much that they decided to come back, and rebuild, and it was almost totally destroyed, and they came back, and rebuilt it and I have to give me credit for it it involved a lot a lot of work with the shortage of materials that they had, and the shortage of money that they had it took an awful lot to them the Danube is the heart of Budapest once known as two cities Buda on the west bank, and Pest on the east castle hill an area first settled in the th century provides an excellent view of the city, and river below.

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