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0.0 To begin the hike, walk past the metal gate and along the dirt road.

0.1 Trail intersection beginning the circuit portion of this hike. Turn right, passing the trail to the left. The wide and grassy trail enters a mature mixed forest composed of oaks, maples, aspen, and red pines with occasional white pines.

0.7 The trail enters a clearing; continue across the clearing and bear right at its northern end. The trail begins to gradually ascend over a rolling terrain.

1.6 Remote Lake comes into view through the trees on the right.

1.8 The trail approaches a small, unnamed lake on the left and passes around its east side along a narrow ridge that separates it from Remote Lake.

2.0 Trailside shelter (46° 49′ 12.5″ N 93° 12′ 46.5″ W). About 100 feet beyond the shelter is a small trail on the right leading to the shore of Remote Lake. From the shore, note the red pine covered island off to the right. A second trail, about 100 feet or so before the shelter, also leads to the lake shore.

2.6 Trail intersection; bear left passing the right trail. In 200 feet, bear left again at the next trail intersection.

First was a period of foreign intervention that lasted from 1911 Denver Map until 1934. By 1911 conditions in Haiti had deteriorated into near-total chaos. United States Denver Map occupation forces (Marines) entered the country and basically gained control of Haiti’s political, economic, and foreign affairs. Although the U.S. involvement was criticized by many, there were some positive contributions.

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