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Just outside of Victoria on Vancouver Island, You’ll find Butchart Gardens, which has been blossoming with flowers of every color, for over 100 years. Come on, let’s check it out. Here we are at the top of Sunken Gardens. This is the Sunken Gardens. It is breath taking.

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Hard to believe this actually used to be a Limestone quarry. It’s beautiful. Like, a magical wonderland, it’s so beautiful. Everything’s so perfect. While you’re here, stop and smell the roses. Their peak season is actually during July and August. This is the Japanese Garden. This is a moon window and it’s shaped like a full moon. You can actually see Butchart Cove through the little peep hole. Mmm, this is the Tibetan Blue Poppy and what’s cool is if you fall in love with a flower, you’ll probably find the seeds in the gift shop. The perfect souvenir.

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Vancouver – Gastown

All right, we’re gong to go explore Gastown, which is the original settlement for Vancouver. Let’s check it out. This is a totem pole produced by a local First Nations artist. Pretty impressive, huh? This is the Gastown steam clock. It actually winds the weights and blows the whistle four times an hour..

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Vancouver – Stanley Park

Here in the Seawall Promenade you’ll find tons of people running and biking and working up a sweat. What I love is that on one side you have Stanley Park with the beauty of nature and then on the other side, the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver. Holy Cow! This tree is huge! Stanley Park is pretty diverse. There’s so much to do. I love it. Vancouver is like a breath of fresh air. I really stop and smell the roses.

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