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Your time off request is finally approved. You consulted the family, and as expected, the kids want to go to Disney. Which Disney Park? It doesn’t matter. Hardly surprising, is it?

You have toyed the idea of visiting overseas Disney parks. Why not when it can be a culture lesson for the kids as well. The only things holding you back are the cost of overseas travel with kids, which includes accommodation, tickets, insurance, food, and safety concerns traveling with the little ones.

Whichever Disney Park you decided to visit, let’s discuss how you can have a Disney park vacation of your dreams.

Know how long can you stay. You need to know how much vacation time you got. Make sure that there is enough time for you before and after your Disney vacation. You don’t want to be stressed out just before your trip. You also may want to spend some time in between your Disney vacation and return to work so that you can relive those memories with the kids while the experience is fresh.

Know how what mode of transport you’re going to have. Is this going to be a road trip? Can the kids handle sitting 4-6 hours straight? Are you going to fly? Make sure the kids doesn’t have colds, as this can get very uncomfortable during flight. Also, regularly check for airline promotions and fluctuation pattern of airfares. You would want to purchase the tickets as cheap as possible without compromising comfort and safety.

Know your Disney itinerary. List down the things you and your kids want to visit. Have the kids put numbers in order of preference and select the top 4-5 attractions from the list. Making the itinerary is something you need to do to make sure you have enough time to go through the list. The itinerary will make your trip organized and will make little room for unnecessary adjustments.

Know what Disney tickets to buy. Choosing what Disney ticket to buy is somewhat critical. As Disney tickets are expensive, it makes sense to match what you like with what you have. Check your itinerary, list down the prices, and compare it with your vacation budget. Check with Disney tour operators or Disney park itself if there are ongoing ticket discounts. Ask if they have group discounts.

Know where which resort or hotel your family is going to stay. You can stay at either official Disney resortor non-Disney resort. If you want to stretch your budget a little, getting a nearby non-Disney resort will be advantageous. Add to that; non-Disney resortsusually have bigger rooms that the official Disney resorts. Keep in mind that you may need a car when staying off-property.

Planning a Disney vacation can be time-consuming to busy people like you. For busy people, Disney offers vacation packages that are customizable according to your preference.

You can choose a variety of theme park options. Some packages include meals and entertainment. The downside of this is it that Disney packages are more expensive than to planning it yourself, like above. The upside of this is that you can get a more magical Disney experience.

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