69-storeys, 384 meters high, when the Diwang Building was completed in 1996 it was easily China’s tallest building, fourth tallest in the world, and way taller than anything in

Hong Kong before the completion of the Two IFC tower. Typically, nobody outside Shenzhen knew this.

But it’s not just tall. Architects K Y Cheung Design Associates were having a seriously good day when they produced this slim elegant soaring structure clad in green glass and topped by two tapering towers. In the April-May stormy season, the tower disappears into the swirling clouds reappearing for moments as great flashes of lightning continually striking it.

It is also a great place to get oriented in Shenzhen. On the 69th floor is the Meridian View Centre. For $60 you can take in an exhibition of Hong Kong recent history, a movie, and the best views of Shenzhen available. We are always a bit amused at the waxwork of Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher discussing the handover of Hong Kong. Mrs. Thatcher is starting to look a bit shabby, and we are sure she would not appreciate the fact that several of her hairs are out of place.

In the podium is the Shun Hing Square shopping centre, which links to the Metro and the MixC and KK 100 shopping malls.

Open 9A.M. midnight

Address: Diwang Building, Shennan Ave Luohu Entry $60

Diwang building can be reached via an internal walkway from Da Ju Yuan Metro Station. Exit D

Buses: 101,215, 103, 113, 204, 223, 311

Website: http://www.shenzhenparty.com/place/luohu-district/diwangdi-wang-commercial-center


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