Hey everybody I just woke up after 7:00 a.m. and we are leaving hvar that is pretty much the end of the trip. So we’re going to be making our way back to split, and I think we’re probably gonna have a bit of a stopover somewhere to have a bit of a swim I had to get up for the final morning as you can see the Sun is just through there, and we’re leaving the harbour the really good start in the morning we’ve come to a little Bay, and all the boats are connecting we’re going to be ending with a brunch one for another meal very nice brunch very nice. But you want to leave Jeff you realize to come to the last day for the day, and apparently there is a shipwreck over there like a fisherman’s boat Bruno’s branches in about 30 minutes that’s one little afford to. But in the meantime we’re going to go for a swim go for a snorkel, and try, and find this fisherman’s like you’re less cost when let’s go find ourselves a shipwreck ladies very nice brunch a third of all is also present chakra sunsets amazing we’re heading back to split going to go have one last fill on the old trampoline, and you another called the ordinate the old met by y’all let’s go literally this has been our life last week amazing, and now unfold, and don’t get out of Sona sometimes I get.

Dubrovnik Photo Gallery

So scared what I can come on Steve you can do it see you later cat I mean good pun for last week they also know, I’m so really quick maybe like two I want to keep going I want to go do like another country now this is so good we’re going to catch a bus to Brava Nick now the Croatia hasn’t ended yet crazy just how like on the first day this was just packed with people, and in a classic ending fashion this is quiet despair no noise at all -. So silent I think. So neon, I’m not traveling how you, and I can meet you very very amazing the Bosnia everyone for some reason welcome you like Bosnia you’re up there it cuts through Croatia like right to the coast we have to come through didn’t now we can say we use the toilet made some crackers, and cheese, and crackers in Bosnia. But we need to go yeah Hey everybody morning from Dubrovnik a restaurant, and right at the wall literally the wall is right there the broker, and look at all the milk I’d regional 15 baht to get us like a full table of food happy with that I am for the view you wouldn’t pay for that like in Australia. But anyway Cheers from King’s Landing everyone they literally just have an old school a little watering only for this account of you I need some this is cool rules is a cold yeah we have seen other people top it off oh really good really yeah let’s surround them hey guys we did a thing we decided to honeymoon we took the whole entire day off no blogging just relaxing just enjoying ourselves a little bit. So I do apologize it is now 5 o’clock the last time we saw you was brekkie.

But we’re heading back into old town. Because the girls that were on the on the yacht crew we made some friends they invited us out for dinner which is really nice even again we are friends we something lame, and don’t lie we’re really hungry we are so hungry that is virtually why the cameras are rolling. Because it came to five like we have an eaten in all day, and I saw a piece of pizza, and a little scoop ice cream call in my name by the way we are going to be giving you guys the full tour tomorrow just look out there just a sneak peek come on the set for 5:00 a.m. and we’re going to be ready to respond about there is all that relaxing, and eating yeah taking the day off. But I think enjoy have a picnic they said we’re going to go to a fort they just don’t know the name of the fortress yet. So walking in, and we’re going to get a Facebook message telling us where to go through guys we are heading into the old city literally walking into a fortress right now hear that, and 3000 this is amazing it’s so big Wow we’ll definitely give you guys a full tour tomorrow we’re just cutting through here to meet the chickadee otherwise the first kind of fortress we’ve been into oh my goodness it’s like a whole nother town in here.

Because Ali I don’t even know what you’d call this like the Main Street yeah a square so cool can’t wait to explore this at 6:00 a.m. with no one around this will be. So beautiful I think I found the best view spot in Dubrovnik we are just up here where the cable car is, and look at that that is old town right there it’s so funny. Because everyone comes just to see this small 2 kilometer block as you can see Dubrovnik is actually humongous. But never you see photographs is just the small smidgen. But the city is actually huge it goes all the way down there.

But definitely this is one of the best photos boss it’s cool to see this high up he did like a helicopter to be amazing. Because you know we’re going to get you the aerial footage tomorrow hello good how are you can’t believe we just missed you guys for like the last area then we had your spot on the way yeah the honestly just don’t expect Croatia to look like this I know this is probably really boring to say. But we’ll be super interesting to watch it in like 10 years time. So like all of this will be development. But in the meantime that’s some really incredible mountains I wish we had a few more day. So we can like I don’t know if they do like hikes or anything up here, and we the roller coaster like the very long I’ve seen amazing, and can we all just go in touch play yeah yeah even a 3d TV thing see you guys bye we’ve setup goodbyes to the girls we’re coming back into old town. But that view it is epic we’re walking across the drawbridge reckon the gods will let us in no future we had to end the knot with our favorite thing in Europe.

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