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Hey everybody, and welcome to the Northern Territory were here in Catherine I decided to start the post here. Because we’re walking outside, and there’s hundreds of bats around us in the daylight I love it how we come here to show you guys the real Australia. But this bats I know bats are associated with Australia buff this is pretty cool all righty we just made it to the top of a lookout this is the first quad, and later on this morning we are going to be going on a boat cruise down this is a good view guys we’ve seen a wallaby it’s so cute oh, and he’s surrounded by the bats oh my goodness I love it. So these aren’t baby Joey’s guys these are called Wallabies right here, and they are so small all right guys we’ve just jumped onto this a little ferry, and we’re gonna be going down the katherine gorge to go on a bit of a cultural tour cultural Safari, and oh my goodness just off the boat, and we’re now at the gorge, and we have stops.

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Because we’re gonna go check out some Aboriginal art painting on the walls which is awesome it’s really really cool be now we’ll see the paintings on the walls here they use the paintings on the walls to tell their stories, and it’s a it’s quite incredible that they’re still preserved after all this time I’ve really only seen these in museums. So it’s really cool to actually see it right here where they actually would have painted them. But we’ve now to stop for a quick coffee break you can see here they’ve painted a Rainbow Serpent, and our guide was telling us that these back date to about 10,000 years ago this is make spiritual trees these days III stop now stop for a little bit of a picnic hmm thought that, I’ll show you guys the different stages of like a boomerang as you can see that’s like a very big heavy piece of wood right there, and then you’re taking the the stone you were saying stone axe stone axe to to kind of carve it down, and then it would kind of turn into into this here, and then these are the ones these are the ones that I just like made for like show, and selling, and all that. But these would be the ones for for hunting you think yeah that’s really cool that was so interesting we just finished up hearing the stories, and hearing the history of the German people who live here in this area of Northern Territory.

They were saying that their people the German people they found paintings dating back to 15,000 years ago which is so interesting. Because that really dates them back to being some of the you know some of the oldest people in the whole world which was so interesting to hear he explains some of the paintings that were on the wall which like I said before dating back to ten thousand in this particular spot this has been. So interesting, I’m loving hearing about the history of the indigenous people all right we’re done jump back on the books by the way there are freshwater crocodiles in there probably shouldn’t be putting up eat up there. So we have come to eat it falls, and some people will be going for a dip you dip to cool down all right guys we just came off about a three-hour road trip. Because we are now here in Barranca ready for the brother festival tomorrow we just arrived in our accommodation is this where we’re staying did you commune the billions that’s my visor that’s where we’re staying. So the main reason we’ve come to Catherine is full this Branca festival. So we’re now here the fest, and starts tomorrow and, I’m very very excited for it we are like shared features, and stuff we all haven’t eaten dinner. So I think is officially a bedtime.

But as quickly just quickly here is our room we’ve got our bed we’re going to couch, and the bathrooms are outside with our communal kitchen alrighty we’ve decided that our de menthe evil will be the communal kitchen, and we’re having a barbecue. So I feel like we’re camping right now it’s not an Australian outback experience unless we’ve got that was such an incredible day had so much fun on the gorge, and hearing all the cultural stories, and is the scenery here in Northern Territory is so beautiful. But tomorrow we’ll be checking out the Baraga festival. So hopefully some nice cultural dancing there it’s gonna be a good day. But thanks so much for reading guys, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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