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For Dawn, Jessica and Bev, their unusual experiences occurred in the kitchen with the sudden EMF fluctuations and Dawn’s sudden chill. The K2 hits seemed to be linked to the furnace operation; however, evidence may suggest there was possibly more to the fluctuations than the furnace.

The first EVP occurred shortly after the trio entered the kitchen. Dawn had quickly identified unusual EMF readings with Bev suggesting the fluctuations may be coming from the electrical outlets. It was around that time that Bev’s digital recorder picked up an EVP that speaks over Dawn’s voice. We had to listen to it a few times and can only make out a few words. We believe it says, “The [unknown word]’s correct.”

The next recording occurred during the time they were asking questions of Elsie Runkel, wife of Sheriff Runkel. Jessica asked if it was difficult cooking for the inmates at the prison. Hauntings Paranormal’s digital recorder picked up the voice of a male that said, “She could be bad.” Was this ghostly voice referring to the well-loved Elsie? Perhaps her goodwill and kindness had a darker side.

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