El Chaltén to Puerto Rio Tranquillo Hitchhiking the Carretera Austral in Patagonia Chile

The Carretera Austral in rural Patagonia. known as one of the most scenic roads for adventure seekers in South America. In this post I hike from Argentina into Chile to start my hitchhiking adventure on the Carretera Austral from South to North. I’m in no man’s land on my way to the starting point of the Carretera Austral: Villa O’higgins I’m at the moment between Argentina and Chile. after taking a bus and crossing the Lago del Desierto with a boat. I’m now on the trail to Candelario Mansilla which is about kilometres and I guess I will hate myself because of all the luggage I have to carry up there. So. let’s see!

El Chaltén to Puerto Rio Tranquillo Hitchhiking the Carretera Austral in Patagonia Chile Photo Gallery

We finish the steepest part and now we are having a nice tea at a campsite. Say hi to Simon! We have three hours ahead and it’s a pretty nice walk, the weather is good. We’re crossing the border here In this area hiking is the only possibility to get from Argentina into Chile. We arrived at Candelario Mansilla in the evening where we were able to rent a room for the night. Good morning! Today we’ll cross the O’Higgins lake which we will cross to get to Villa O’Higgins in the afternoon But first: a nice coffee with a great view! In summer your able to cross the picturesque O’Higgins Lake two to three times per week to get to Villa O’Higgins. Good morning guys from Villa O’Higgins it’s very early, around. I try to get a ride for the first ferry. And they said it’s the best time to go very early out of the town to have good chances.

I hope I’m lucky! I have not been lucky as this is dead end of the road there were literally no cars. I spent the day in Villa O’Higgins and took the bus on the next day to get to Cochrane. After around km with the bus from Villa O’Higgins I arrived in Cochrane and this is the first real city on the way and the first paved roads I see actually and I decided because it’s early in the afternoon to continue with hitchhiking to Puerto Rio Tranquilo My first driver was Jose and he dropped me off here. It’s also not that bad to camp here but I I try to get a ride today to continue. It’s now pm. The chances are not so bad because it’s Friday a lot of people might go to the big city Coihaique. I might get another ride! I didn’t have to wait long as after a few tries the American couple John and Joanna took me to the next intersection of the road. After waiting around minutes for my next lift a school bus took me to Puerto Rio Tranquilo which is located on the General Varrera Lake. it’s eight o’clock in the afternoon and or in the evening and I made it with only three rides: the first one was with Jose The second one was was John and Joanna, an American Couple which drove me through the intersection and the last hour I drove with Pato who lives over there. So. tomorrow boat excursion and maybe I stay one more night because this place is just amazing and really calm! In the next post I will visit the marble caves and continue hitchhiking to the north. Stay tuned and comment! Before you leave comment to the blog and check out the other posts from South America!

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