City University Finsbury Residences, 15 Bastwick St. (7040 8811; www.city.ac.uk ems). Tube: Barbican. Student residence with a tower-block facade but renovated interior. Short walk to City sights, Islington restaurants, and Clerkenwell nightlife. Breakfast included. Dinner £4.70. Open June to mid-Sept. Dorms £21, students £19. MCV.

Rosebery Hall, 90 Rosebery Ave. ( 7278 3251). Tube: Angel. Exit left from the Tube, cross the street, and take the second right onto Rosebery Ave. (lOmin.). Modern student residence by a sunken garden. English breakfast included. Reserve at least 6 weeks ahead; cancellation fee £10. Open Easter vacation and mid-June to mid-Sept. Singles £26-31; doubles £35-46, with bath £58; triples £55. MCV.


All of the superstructure has fallen away and lies in a flattened tangle of rubble on either side, making it very low to the seabed. The engine and boiler, which stand upright, are still recognisable, with a donkey engine and boiler to the fore. Towards the bows, loose fittings, ribs and girders lie in a jumbled mass. unlike many wrecks in this part of the sea, no nets have yet become entangled with the remains, making it a relatively safe dive, especially if the visibility is good. The wreck covers an area 80 m long and 22 m across and stands up about 3.2 metres off the seabed. The bow itself has deteriorated but still stands up about 3.5 m off the seabed. Off to the starboard of the bows are a lot of jumbled steel plates and framework, which may be the remains of the superstructure. To date, no bridge instruments have been found and it appears never to have been salvaged, although divers have recovered a number of portholes.

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