Hollywood Movie Location Tour

This post, we’re going on a Hollywood movie locations tour to see where some of the most famous scenes were posted in the city. And action. Let’s go. We’re driving.

Hollywood Movie Theater

We’re about to go into the tunnel that was used in Who Framed Roger Rabbit that takes you into Toon Town. I would love if the trees actually did this here. This is the house used in American Horror Story. A very scary, creepy show. Everything is just kind of eerie, in a sense.

Hollywood Movies 2018

Hollywood Movie Location Tour Photo Gallery

Wow. People who take this tour gasp when we pull up to some of these places. Because they’re having the opportunity to see something in person that they’ve only readed on post or on television.

Hollywood Movies Garland

And to actually be there, it really does bring it to life for them. We go together like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong This is the athletic field used in the carnival at the end of Grease.

Hollywood Movies Mcallen

This is the most iconic ending of any movie in the world. This is where Richard Gere pulls up in the limo, and he’s afraid of heights but he climbs up the fire-escape, and kisses Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. That was so much fun. Just driving around Hollywood. It was great to bring out my inner movie geek, and see Hollywood locations in Hollywood.

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