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This being above my budget allowance, I began searching for Xi’an Subway Map another hotel. After two that would not accept me because I was a foreigner, I Xi’an Subway Map found a hostel which was again expensive at 30 yuan. It was now past midnight, rather late to be walking around in a city looking for a hotel. And it was raining.’The clerk was uncooperative but the second time I went back she offered me a shared room for 18 yuan. The Hong Kong girl I shared it with had only paid 9 yuan, being Chinese.

According to Daniel Holcomb, Judd was given to them as a direct request of Jacob’s dying wife. Most, however, believed Jacob gave Judd to the Holcombs because he couldn’t bear to look at his deformed son whose birth led to his wife’s death. Adding to that, Jacob found the idea of raising this handicapped boy too inconvenient. In any event, for the first seven or eight years of his life, Judd believed Susan and Daniel were his parents.

In 1859, when Jacob gave Judd to the Holcombs, some type of monetary compensation for raising the boy was promised. Though Jacob did give Daniel some money over the years, Daniel believed a substantial amount was still owed. This Jacob refused to hand over. The old man’s refusal to pay Daniel the additional money was poorly timed with his announced intention of turning over his land and wealth to Eunice and Henry after the birth of their baby.

In that, the police and prosecutor had a motive. Anger, greed and jealousy drove Daniel Holcomb and Judd to murder Jacob, Eunice and Henry White. This would make certain the transfer of wealth did not occur. Moses Polley’s death was simply a matter of bad timing. If he hadn’t awoken that night, he might have lived. The likelihood of this being the motive became increasingly clear when a small box containing Jacob’s stock and land documents was found missing.

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