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Also at Mariana, outside the urban settlement in an imperial-age necropolis, was the cemeterial basilica of St. Perteu Parthaeus, perhaps an African or his relics? who landed in Corsica with the very bishops who built this edifice in his honor. These buildings remained in use during the early Middle Ages, with considerable restoration of the urban basilica and the baptistery; they were rebuilt from scratch in Pisan times 12th-13th c.: the urban basilica was moved further N, that of St. Perteu was rebuilt over the old one, with a slightly different orientation. Recent archaeological data have allowed us to ascertain that the urban site of Mariana was occupied without interruption until the 16th c. At Sagona, excavation has revealed elements of the presumed primitive cathedral, dedicated to a St. Appianus, perhaps also an African at least according to a late passio, who would therefore be linked to the orthodox refugees to Corsica. This thesis is reinforced by the discovery, in 1965, of a dedicatory tile of a church or a venerated burial which says: in honore sancti Apiani ivbante deo pavlvs fecit; it cannot be determined whether Paulus was a bishop, an ecclesiastic or a generous lay donor, there being no other reference in the sources.

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The independent, industrious, and upright yeoman farmer became the preeminent symbol and hero of the agrarian eighteenth century. Kinshasa Map As economic and technological change brought challenges to the agrarian way of life, Countrys debated the role of industry and agriculture in society. Within this context, the yeoman farmer as a noble cultivator and free citizen gained currency, and the idea of a republic of virtue populated by noble cultivators acquired mythic proportions. The yeoman dream became a foundational ideology that referred to the Country ideal of traditional success: personal, moral, financial, and religious achievement open to all, regardless of class or occupation.

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