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1693 Edmund Andros, who had been imprisoned in Massachusetts at Ethiopia Subway Map the end of the Dominion period, is transferred by King William III to govern Virginia. He Ethiopia Subway Map eventually comes into conflict with James Blair and other council members and burgesses. He sends money to aid in the defense of New York and ends up dissolving the legislature on two separate occasions. Andros and Blair butt heads repeatedly, and Blair is removed from the council and reinstated intermittently.

1696 A new committee, the Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations, known as the Board of Trade, meets in London to oversee colonial affairs. Notable members include William Blathwayt and John Locke. The Board of Trade finds that Andros has badly mismanaged Virginia and abused his power. Francis Nicholson, a friend of James Blair, is tapped to replace Andros. 1697 The tobacco market, which has slowed during King William’s War, strengthens during the period before Queen Anne’s War. Three thousand African slaves come to Virginia during this five-year span, and more than a million acres of land are sold.

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