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Frankfurt 595,000 inhabitants – the metropolis in the heart of Germany. The city is situated in the very heart of Europe. A city that no one can pass up – the largest airport, the greatest train station and the most used highway junction in Central Europe. Frankfurt is the commercial capital of Germany. During the past decades, this traditional trade fair center has developed into the most important banking and stock trading center of the continent. The locals speak about ‘Mainhattan’. It does not come as a surprise that an international flair and a cosmopolitan outlook characterize work, life and leisure. It bears witness to major aspects of German history e. g. the cathedral as the coronation site of German emperors or Goethe’s birthplace. In the district of Old Sachsenhausen art and antiques are the domain. In his appealing and original part the famous Flea Market takes place. Go on a shopping spree in a labyrinth of streets full of shops with a myriad of products and goods on display.

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