Yes oh we made it oh you have made it feeling good finally a little bit of weight. But feeling good it is Thursday morning it’s June 16 2018 it’s just about seven o’clock in the morning and, I’m in the Great Lawn in Central Park very empty early morning great lawn which is nice and, I’m on my way to meet up with my cousin Chris it’s his last day in New York City, and he’s like oh you want to go for another run can’t turn down a run sup man goodness gracious Hey what is going on my brother mr. Thomas how are you today how’s everything good I mean up with my cousin maybe, I’ll find him he’s here from San Francisco nice we’re doing the run, and then a little workout I was good to me, I’ll be back in like five minutes or. So okay sounds good with me gonna rain here oh really yeah, I’m trying to get the early morning runs going love you human I saw half an hour it will be back in like five minutes of meeting him up on 86 alright see then the gazelle not no worries we’ve got Thomson folks cousin Chris back here doing push-ups we’re doing a nice circuit of pull ups push ups air squats, and ah the hanging leg raises you know just out here doing doing the morning workout regimen. But here ever in New York City anyone workout just come here, and you will see Thomas almost every day Central Park, I’ll work you out on our.


But you know it’s okay. Because every time I’ve come here. So far you’ve been here consistency this is like this you know this there’s no excuse it’s free just come here just come work out feel a lot better now I love how I start this post, and it’s just that progression of you know kind of tired feeling okay working out heart is killing me, and then work out have done I feel good now if you’ve been reading the posts for a while I’ve ran into Thomas now three times in the city like unplanned running into each other there’s some days in the city where it’s just like, I’ll run into maybe three or four people either that I know or that I haven’t seen in a really long time I don’t know what it is it’s not a bad thing it’s actually really cool especially running into Thomas he kind of inspires me to get back on my workout grind. Because even I mean I’ve mentioned this before I fell off back in March, and it’s been. So hard to get back on the workout, I’m not done yet I have to run back to the apartment two miles that’s the name of the game today keep moving getting ready to go to her workout then afterwards we’re finally gonna finish this fashion post, I’m gonna shower I will see you at 3 p.m. it is now a little later well it’s a lot later it’s 4 hours later, and today I’ve been responding to emails I had maybe 50 or 60 emails I have been meaning to get back to them.

So I apologize if you set an email to the inbox a lot of people don’t know this. But I have an email account set up if you just want to you know say hi or drop a message or advice or anything like that and, I’ll actually put it across the screen right here if you ever want to just chat or email that’s the one to use I also have an email for more like businessí type of things, and that one is the one in the About section on the blog. But yeah it’s been an afternoon doing work on the computer we are finally gonna finish shooting her fashion post it’s been a week or. So in the process. But today we should finish the last look, and we’re gonna head down to Soho, and finish out the post with the big camera I know she has a few spots she wants to shoot at. So, I’m gonna head down there now I just got down to Soho, and we lost our sunlight which is it’s not gonna be bad for the shoot. But it’s not the best.

Because normally you want a little bit of light, and especially. Because it’s later in the day now that natural sunlight is nice especially during the Golden Hour when it’s just that light soft Sun. But we’ll make do I got his text from Jessica she’s at the Urban Outfitters doing some last-minute shopping for the France trip, and today actually just now I got the itinerary for the trip on my cell phone, and some of these places, and some of the things that we have planned for this trip it’s going to be pretty crazy I think this would be a great place to do a shot you ready to begin I know that’s the only thing all these people we’re trying to find a location to shoot this lookbook, and we are at our spot look who shows up in Soho oh this is song I have to it’s it’s one of those days James no Jackie we’re just hanging out in Soho doing the shoot, and look who pops up out of nowhere it’s homeless person, and we’re doing the shoot now we’re on I know a street this is okay printing something oh you want to get back at it where there’s no cars my god Chris what a small world. Because I had just texted Chris maybe two hours before I came here you’re still she is still talking about Jeff Goldblum he’s what he’s an inspiration he’s an icon he said my sex icon we have just lost Jessica she went to her favorite store the one the only the brandy melville six teeth just like that exactly one week until you know what Paris you only ever thought we were eating bad food washes favorite lipstick I eat ice cream sandwiches, and drumsticks like what I eat like like I had your healthy girl today was like kind of a cheat day for me is kind of bad eggs, and veggies, and so much at a huge Caesar salad which isn’t really that happy for you anyways. But I had to slice big pizza then I had where did you have pizza before I got you are you kidding me, and now you’re finishing off with an Ice Cream Sandwich. But today my teeth is okay. Because I don’t have this all that every day.

So makes up for it today was my cheat day as well I just had sushi sushi daddy flex oh I want to mention this. So we were talking about this when we were walking home, and whenever jess is with me we always tend to run into people, and this happens to me in New York City so much it’s happened in posts when, I’m posting it it always happens whenever I go out in New York I always run into people we know. So we ran into Chris down in Soho we’re coming back when our neighborhood, and we run into Jessica’s friend Deborah who’s with her at her modeling agency. But like what are the chances of that think about it synchronicity all coincidence have meaning I think happens by chance the meaningful coincidences can be unpleasant if you say, I’m going to be late or, I’m unlucky a lot of synchronicity works against you, and bad things will happen. Because you put out, and see Universal something bad is going to happen or that you’re not that. So what you’re believing literally becomes true I believe in that 100% leaving that. So me saying like oh I never run into people on my favorite person to run it’s people it’s gonna make it even more often that, I’m lacking audience people.

But I run into people away, I’m just always with you. But then me saying I always run to people that’s gonna make more people run into me you’re visualizing meeting with someone in particular, and you notice what you meet someone. But not the person that you were focusing on by noticing this you offer a vibration to it, and the law of attraction Minds you that would work the same the law of attraction is real i 100% believe in the law of attraction, and what you put out comes right back especially with meeting people. So just remember that put out good into the universe leave us a comment down below if you believe in the law of attraction give us a thumbs up if you like birds, and give us a thumbs up if you don’t like ready. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less live your lives your passion.

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