Finding Nemo in the Great Barrier Reef

Hey guys it is our last full day here in Cannes, and we just want to picked up one of these bad boys from snapshot it is an underwater camera. Because we are going to be going at scuba diving today yeah steam is currently getting a ticket for a car oh, and I’ve left the car wide open oh yeah got a little bit too excited how pumped do you to go scuba diving it’s been almost a year since we’ve been qualified with like Louie, and like everyone scuba diving getting our lifestyle we haven’t dive since getting a licenses, and I’ve already forgotten everything I don’t even remember first time ever using something that’s not a GoPro open it up actually what a suit it looks like I really want to get a housing for this camera that, I’m eating right now the g7x oh oh, I’m so excited to try it is that a flush on top oh it could be I don’t even know how to use this I see our boat right at the end we’ve got to our first dye spot it isn’t. So clear today I mean it looks. So rainy, and we’re leaving. But now that we’re out here maybe. Because we’re away from the mountains it’s so clear this is gonna be our first dive spot just here, and we’re gonna do two diets yeah I can’t wait to go in, and it’s like 40 minutes each dive. So we’re gonna be down there for.

Finding Nemo in the Great Barrier Reef Photo Gallery

So long got our little camera yeah yeah we look like professionals, I’m gonna receive Lee look into how much one of these costs for our little camera ready to go oh man this looks. So good my lens is fogging up a bit little lunch exactly what I felt like eyes definitely way too big for my stomach just got back from our first two dives we are doing three dies when we’re up here bit of a slight rain. But it’s so nice, and humid today I really just don’t mind just sitting here, and eating our lunch in the rain. But I first two days were so much fun we got to see like Nemo we got to see a triggerfish we got to see like a whole bunch of coral butt is so beautiful really enjoyed those dives it’s so good being able to scuba dive. Because I feel like you do get to see so much more, and also feel like you have so much more control when, I’m posting. So I can like lever myself out, and get some cool shots for you guys.

But that family of Nemo that was the highlight. So far we’re just coming up to our third dive, and hopefully we can see a bit of a turtle. Because that would just be the icing on top of them after the storm, and everything I still can’t believe how calm this water is honestly this has been the best day for diving thanks guys yeah thank you thank you guys we just got back into Cannes, and that was seriously one of the best dives that third dive when we got to see the whole like I think they just the camera never shows how big they are those animals were just huge cool thing is that Frankie who actually works with deep-sea divers dan has been reading us since Canada, and he saw we were in Cannes, and invited us along which was amazing. So thanks so much for Frankie if you guys want to go on the Great Barrier Reef definitely ask for Frankie. Because, I’m sure he wants to hear from you guys. But it’s still dripping still raining a bit. But it didn’t ruin the day at all it was so cool Hey everybody it is now our final day here in Cannes. So we decided to come down to Palm Cove which is just north of Cannes to get our last glimpse of the beautiful tropical sands, and beaches, and finally it is a beautiful sunny day I think this is the most blue sky we’ve seen this entire time, I’m really gonna miss you can. So like a look at that guys seriously this is paradise we cannot recommend enough to come up here we might put on our blog like a little I don’t know seven days or five day trip itinerary there. So you guys can like do all the things that we have done look at this, I’m kind of jealous someone’s on a jet ski over there like calves really gives off the kind of vibe of being a tropical island I know we’re still connected to the mainland of Australia. But the way that it’s like curved, and you can see some of the this is what, I’m talking about you can see like an island here you can see like it curving here it really does give you that sense that you’re on a tropical island literally just jumped out of the shower, and old Rogers back there’s some carrot really tell to roger by one one major defining quality, and word is better macaron, I’m really gonna miss just being able to come outside, and see the little Wallabies together thank you for having us hello cans Airport way squeakin just what I wanted how long do we have now wait 15 minutes sooner walk over there guys it actually feels. So strange to be at the airport at the moment. Because all our ships of 2018 we never had three weeks in one place before we caught a flight, and we find at least maximum of week.

So that she feels strange to feel like we’re going on to another trip yeah two months. But we do have another trip planned very shortly which is still getting finalized in the new hotel you guys about we just went to board, and there was a thunderstorm warning which means we can’t now 22:7 applied was meant to leave in 20 minutes time. So we’ll see how this not plays at all I don’t feel like being stuck in a if I just want to go home to a blow-up mattress we’re boarding first flight of the year, and we’re the last ones to check-in thank you seriously see you cans, I’m sure we will be back alright guys not flying not much as interests it’s going to happen in circles like five hours Livius hello how are you guys oh thank you little was cute it’s super late. So I have to be quiet. But it feels. So good to be home I was feeling anxious all day about that flight, and then we got to the airport, and there was lightning storms, and it was laid, and it made me even more anxious and, I’m very good that flight is now over we’re now home, and sleeping in a flat mattress. Because I mean he, and Byron here, and we will be seeing them tomorrow.

So late everyone wake them up. So you have to be a sleeping on a another block mattress they’re only four, and one month. So it’s okay, and the tree is still up which I was actually quite kind of excited about still feels like it’s Christmas anyway hey we’re going to bed now Stephen seven shower, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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